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Find the Beauty in You at Chroma Hair Studio & Spa

Choosing the right hair salon in Knightsville, SC, is a little bit like finding the perfect outfit. The materials feel great on your skin, the fabric is flattering to your body type, and when you try it on, you just know - this is the outfit that you have been looking for.

With thousands of hair salons and stylists in South Carolina, choosing the right one can be difficult. You want a salon that is clean, comfortable, and chic. But, more importantly, you need a stylist that "gets" you. Someone who takes the time to understand your preferences, your style, and your personality. You need a stylist who listens, is honest, and has the technical skills to turn your vision into a reality.

An excellent stylist epitomizes all those traits and knows how to adapt to changing beauty trends. They aren't afraid to take on a challenge.

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Service Areas

Welcome to Chroma Hair Studio & Spa

Where the most talented hairstylists in Knightsville help bring out the beauty in each of our clients. We strive to provide each of our customers with the highest levels of customer service in the beauty industry. At Chroma, we offer a relaxing environment, skillful professionals, and a variety of products with environmentally safe and good-for-you ingredients.

Our goal is to make your salon experience special, from the moment you walk in to the second you leave. With a variety of professional hair and beauty services to choose from, we're sure you will rediscover the "beauty of you" every time you visit our salon.

Here are just a few of our most popular hair and beauty services in Knightsville:

The key to a great haircut and salon experience is to understand the services we offer, so you can choose the best selection for your needs. What do our salon services entail? Keep reading below to find out.

Hair Studio Knightsville, SC

Professional Hair Color in Knightsville, SC

Let's be honest: DIY hair kits can be tricky to get right. They can be complicated to apply and usually have hard-to-understand instructions. Half the time, the color you're left with looks nothing like it does on the front of the box. In a perfect world, you should be able to pop into Target, pick a boxed hair color, apply it at home, and emerge out of your bathroom with a new, beautiful hair color. For most people, this never happens.

That's why people who want flawless color, professional application, and ease of convenience get their highlights at Chroma Hair Studio & Spa.

Whether you are changing your hair color completely or just want a few highlights to switch things up, we are here to create the look and style that you've been dreaming about. At Chroma Hair Studio & Spa, we specialize in the latest hair coloring trends using cutting-edge technology. That way, our clients get the freshest looks, coolest colors, and longest-lasting highlights in town. When you get your highlights done at our hair salon in Knightsville, we want you to leave excited and ready to share your new hair all over social.

Don't spend hours in the store trying to find the color you think will look great on you. Our team of professional stylists will consult with you about your vision and craft a custom highlight plan that fits you're your unique style. There's a reason why so many customers trust us with their highlights - we genuinely care about your hair and how it looks.

Our professional hair coloring services in Knightsville are a combination of art and science. The artistic results only last as long as the hair coloring products used, and we use the best. Our hairstylists and colorists are committed to helping you look and feel fabulous, whether you're planning a special occasion or just want to impress that special someone.

 Women's Hair Studio Knightsville, SC

Get the Look You Crave with Personalized Hair Treatments

Ever taken a chance on a new look or hair color, only to end up embarrassed and unsatisfied with the results? You're not alone - we get calls every week from people just like you who need hair treatment Knightsville. Sadly, sometimes even the professionals get a color procedure wrong.

Other times, your hair has suffered from years of blow-drying and straightening, and it looks dry, brittle, and unattractive. You know you need a deep conditioning treatment, and you need it ASAP.

At Chroma Hair Studio & Spa, our technicians have treated all sorts of hair problems - from unprofessional coloring with multiple bands of different colors and tones to dehydrated hair and more. Sometimes, our client's entire hairstyle needs to be corrected. To do this, we stock multiple types of color and toners to revitalize hair and give it the color you've been dreaming of. Our team always puts a priority on the health and integrity of your hair, whether it's your first visit or your fortieth.

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 Women's Haircut Knightsville, SC

Voluptuous Eyelash Extensions in
Knightsville, SC

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wish that you had fuller, longer eyelashes? You're not alone - thousands of people crave darker, thicker lashes. They settle for what they have, not knowing that a revolutionary lash treatment is waiting for them at Chroma Hair Studio & Spa.

Eyelash extensions have revolutionized fashion culture, saving women untold amounts time and effort in front of the makeup mirror. The great news is that lash extensions aren't just reserved for Hollywood celebrities anymore. Anybody can have the long, fluttery lashes they've been craving, with a trip to our salon.

Eyelash extensions are a fabulous way to enhance your look on a long-term basis and provide you with a small change that makes a huge impact. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, your lashes remain long, sexy, and sultry.

Our eyelash extension specialist works with your existing lashes to apply individual extensions to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Using a meticulous application process, we maintain the integrity of your natural lashes so they remain healthy and undamaged.

Whether you're looking for a wispy, effortless look or want your lashes to have mega volume, our lash extension technicians are here to cater to your needs.

Here are just a few reasons why women love our eyelash extension services in Knightsville:

  • 24/7 Beauty
  • No Damage to Your Natural Lashes
  • No More Mascara or Eye Makeup
  • No Clumps
  • Long, Lovely Lashes That Will Make Your Friends Jealous!

If you're looking for a cost-conscious way to stand out from the crowd, contact our office today. We'd be happy to tell you more about our eyelash extension process and which lashes work best for your needs.

Smooth Out Hair and Add Flair with a Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout: you've heard about the new craze, you've seen the stunning results, but haven't had a chance to sit down and receive the treatment yourself. Luckily, Chroma Hair Studio & Spa now offers this sought-after style right here in Knightsville, from certified Brazilian blowout stylists.

If you suffer from dull, frizzy hair that lacks life and shine, the Brazilian blowout is one of the best ways to get smooth, frizz-free hair. By using cutting-edge bonding technology, this customizable treatment doesn't damage your hair at all. Actually, it improves your hair's health by adding a protective layer of protein that smooths your hair for weeks on end.

This ultra-popular choice offers you a laundry list of benefits, like:

  • Protection Against Seasonal Damage
  • Locks in Color
  • Cuts Down on Styling Time
  • Protects Against Heat
  • Seamless Extension Blending
  • Great for All Hair Types

To get the best of both worlds, be sure to schedule your Brazilian blowout and custom hair color treatment in the same appointment. Call us today to learn more about our Brazilian blowouts and to schedule your appointment today.

 Hair Salon Knightsville, SC

Custom Haircuts in Knightsville Crafted for You

There are many ways that you can reinvent yourself this season, but if you're ready to make a lasting impression, nothing beats a new hairstyle. While there is nothing wrong with sporting top knots, ponytails, or straight hair, a styled cut from Chroma Hair Studio & Spa will drastically improve your hair game.

Getting a new haircut isn't just fun - it makes you feel good, too, especially when you get a lot of positive compliments.

 Hair Stylist Knightsville, SC

Our experienced stylists are tapped into today's hottest trends, so if you want to try something new, we're here to help. If you want to play it more traditional, our stylists have a solid foundation of time-tested techniques, to give your existing cut the edge it needs to impress. And sometimes, you need something simple and low-maintenance that cuts down on styling time and primping.

Not sure what kind of a cut you need? We're happy to give you our educated opinion and are happy to provide examples of what we think works. Whatever style you've got your eye on, we can make it a reality!

Here are just a few of the most popular haircut trends in South Carolina:

Natural Textured

Natural Textured

In a time when extravagant dyes and unique hair extensions are all the rage, the natural look will always be trending. This haircut is a great way to rediscover yourself and let your beauty shine organically without overdoing it.

The Shag

The Shag

This medium-length haircut is a classic throwback to the 79s, with a layered look, messy bangs, and lots of attitude. If you like to get ahead of trends before your friends, bring back the shag and rock this retro style with pride.

Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs

This cut will look great during the summer and will give you an innocent look that will get plenty of attention. Great for a short-term haircut or even something special for a big party or Gen-X event.

Long Length

Long Length

Go against the status quo and let your hair down this season. Pixie cuts and shags are all the rage, but rocking a Rapunzel-like haircut will set you apart from the crowd. If you're looking for a more natural, classic look, this could be your haircut.

Find Your French Flair with Balayage

If you're looking to switch up your hair color but can't decide between Balayage or Ombre because, well, you don't know the difference - don't worry. You're not alone!

Balayage is a French technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted to create a natural-looking effect. The goal is to create soft, subtle highlights that make your hair look like it's been kissed by the sun.

While Balayage is the technique of painting the hair, Ombre focuses on the style of the hair. It is the transition from a lighter shade to a darker shade. Typically, Ombres work best for brunettes, but the style can is suitable for blondes too. To achieve the effect of an Ombre, there must be a smooth transition between colors. While the Ombre is a beautiful look, you'll need to work with a professional to get the best results.

Luckily, we offer both Ombre and Balayage in Knightsville, SC! Short on time? Busy schedule? Only available on weekends? Chroma Hair Studio & Spa offers flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate even the busiest clients. You deserve a fresh new style, and we're here to help when the time is right for you.

The Top Hair Salon in Knightsville, SC

If you're looking for a hair salon that offers high-end styling without expensive pricing, you're in the right place. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave you feeling beautiful, whether you need a touch-up or a total makeover. We offer a relaxing salon atmosphere, skillful stylists, and only the best in professional brands. When it's time for your next haircut, highlight session, or eyelash extension, look no further than Chroma Hair Studio & Spa.

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Latest News in Knightsville, SC

Rescued primates living longer, happier lives at Summerville sanctuary

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – It was 1973 when Shirley McGreal, then living in Southeast Asia, saw beady bright eyes staring back at her from between the slats of a wooden crate.The eyes belonged to a gibbon — a primate native to the region — who had fallen victim to the dangerous world of the pet trade, where gibbons were being sold into homes, zoos, or labs, only to later be discarded.In 1977, McGreal created the Inter...

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – It was 1973 when Shirley McGreal, then living in Southeast Asia, saw beady bright eyes staring back at her from between the slats of a wooden crate.

The eyes belonged to a gibbon — a primate native to the region — who had fallen victim to the dangerous world of the pet trade, where gibbons were being sold into homes, zoos, or labs, only to later be discarded.

In 1977, McGreal created the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) in Summerville as a gibbon sanctuary. The now 47-acre property remains nestled in a quiet area of the Lowcountry that is illuminated by the sounds of the primates singing to one another.

Meg McCue-Jones, the Compliance and Outreach Manager, explained that the land was a sod farm in the late 70s and started taking in the gibbons that needed help soon after.

One of the sanctuary’s residents, Gibby, is one of the oldest known living gibbons at over 60 years old.

Like most of the gibbons at the sanctuary, his life started off rough.

McCue-Jones said that Gibby was wild caught, and “with every gibbon wild caught, they shoot mom out of the tree, hoping baby falls, and then they take the baby.”

He was first sold into the pet trade in by a Bangkok dealer, but that was just the beginning. Gibby went to labs at Hofstra University and the State University at Stony Brook.

Researchers embedded electrodes in his skin as part of a locomotion project.

The electrodes and thin wires were inserted into his muscles and connected him to a suit that would measure his muscle movements. McCue-Jones explained that this was obviously not an ideal situation on any aspect, whether it be a human or animal.

At 44, Gibby made it to his first sanctuary, but the conditions were hard on his body. In March of 2007, just four years after his arrival, the IPPL reached out to the sanctuary to relocate not only Gibby, but several other gibbons.

For Gibby, like the other 29 at the sanctuary, Summerville is his last stop. McCue-Jones says that the sanctuary is their forever home.

But with the pandemic, their home has become more difficult to manage.

With fear of COVID-19 spreading to the primates, volunteers were no longer allowed to assist with the many daily tasks necessary to keep the place running.

From hosing the outsides of the enclosures, to raking, food prep, and even assistance inside the office—the staff was left with mounting responsibilities.

The economic impacts of the pandemic left donors and community partners reeling financially, but the bills at the sanctuary remained steady.

As a non-federally funded organization, the IPPL relies heavily on donations to meet the needs of the animals.

Stacy Lambert, a Senior Animal Care Giver, said that since a lot of their population has started to reach geriatric ages, their vet bills are getting bigger as they are having more interventions and medications, different procedures, and checkup appointments with Dr. John Ohlandt.

While expensive, their system of care has proven to work.

Lambert says that in the wild, gibbons usually live about 30-35 years. However, in captivity, gibbons living into their 40s is normal. However, the IPPL has quite a few gibbons that are up in their 40s and 50s while, of course, Gibby is 62.

Although the interventions from the IPPL show the ability of the sanctuary, McCue-Jones said all those at the IPPL ultimately wish there was not a need for them at all, and that the gibbons could live freely in the wild.

McCue-Jones said, “as Shirley has spoken of before, if you really think about it, do humans need sanctuaries, should we have them? Should we be treating the animals this way?”

To send the Gibbons a care package full of nuts, click here.

To donate to the IPPL’s missions and day-to-day operations, click here.

To send specified items needed by the IPPL via Amazon, click here.

Solomon Offers What Your Dentist Doesn't

Here is a scenario: You are in pain from swelling in your jaw, mouth, or face. You call your dentist, but it’s the weekend. What do you do?You head to the Solomon Family Dentistry office in Sangaree or Mt. Pleasant, where an oral surgeon awaits, even on Saturday and Sunday. And don’t worry about how you will pay because Solomon Family Dentistry accepts more than 300 insurance plans, including yours."If you have pain, we’ll see you the same day – even if you’re not an existing customer," s...

Here is a scenario: You are in pain from swelling in your jaw, mouth, or face. You call your dentist, but it’s the weekend. What do you do?

You head to the Solomon Family Dentistry office in Sangaree or Mt. Pleasant, where an oral surgeon awaits, even on Saturday and Sunday. And don’t worry about how you will pay because Solomon Family Dentistry accepts more than 300 insurance plans, including yours.

"If you have pain, we’ll see you the same day – even if you’re not an existing customer," says Dr. Jason Solomon, the son of the founder, Dr. Fred Solomon, and now a partner in the practice.

Your dentist doesn’t offer that service. In fact, no dentist in the Lowcountry offers that service.

Even if you don’t need an oral surgeon, Solomon is the most accessible dental practice in the area. Their six offices are all open Monday through Saturday and each one accepts walk-ins. Because they accept basically every insurance you could have, they’re in-network for you (even if you are a walk-in).

Indeed, there are only six days every year – the major holidays – when Solomon Family Dentistry does not have an office open. During the other 359 days (360 on a leap year), patients are encouraged to come on in!

Oral surgery isn’t the only specialty Solomon offers. Pediatric dentists practice next door to their Carnes Crossing and Knightsville locations six days a week, so you can bring your kids in for a checkup while you have yours next door. The pediatric dentists offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation to comfort children who are apprehensive by injections.

What do patients think about Solomon Family Dentistry’s amazing availability and affordability? For the fifth straight year, Solomon has been named a Charleston Choice winner for Best General Dentistry in the Lowcountry by the readers of The Post and Courier. In addition, for the straight second year, Solomon Kids Pediatric Dentistry has won the award for Best Pediatric Dentist.

It turns out that when you provide quality treatment to people with an affordable price and flexible hours, they like it!

Besides the 300+ insurance plans accepted by Solomon, they also offer a membership plan for those without insurance called Solomon Savers. For a small monthly fee, patients under the Solomon Savers program receive two free cleanings and exams, including x-rays, at no extra charge. Solomon accepts Medicaid and CHIP for families that can’t afford to pay.

Solomon Family Dentistry also employs cutting-edge technology, offering same-day crowns, root canals, and extractions. With crowns, there’s no need to walk around with a temporary crown for a couple of weeks before returning for a permanent crown.

"We feel like everybody should be offered quality treatment at an affordable price and with flexible hours, which is our motto," says Dr. Solomon, a West Ashley native and graduate of Middleton High School and the College of Charleston.

It’s true: Nobody does it quite like Solomon Family Dentistry.

Interested in learning more about Solomon Family Dentistry, or visiting one of their six area locations? Call (843) 871-0842, or use their online form to request an appointment. To learn all about Solomon Dentistry’s offerings, visit their website at

Heavy Rainfall Across Southeast South Carolina and Georgia - June 2019


PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENTSPOTTER REPORTSNATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE CHARLESTON SC708 PM EDT THU JUN 13 2019...HEAVY RAINS FALL ACROSS SOUTHEAST SOUTH CAROLINA AND SOUTHEAST GEORGIA... THE FOLLOWING ARE UNOFFICIAL OBSERVATIONS TAKEN BY VARIOUS QUALITYCONTROLLED OBSERVATIONS SYSTEMS FROM ACROSS SOUTHEAST SOUTH CAROLINAAND SOUTHEAST GEORGIA. RAINFALL REPORTS ARE FROM JUNE 10 THROUGH 7 AM ON THE 13TH.********************STORM TOTAL RAINFALL********************LOCATION          STORM TOTAL     TIME/DATE   COMMENTS                                        RAINFALL           OF                      /INCHES/   MEASUREMENTGEORGIA...BRYAN COUNTY...   1 NNE RICHMOND HILL   4.25   510 PM  6/13  GA-BR-2: 3-DAY TOTAL.      2 NW BELFAST          2.18   527 PM  6/13  GA-BR-9: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...BULLOCH COUNTY...   4 S GEORGIA SOUTHERN  4.02   511 PM  6/13  GA-BU-15: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NW STATESBORO       1.99   638 PM  6/13  GAEMN MESONET                    4 N STATESBORO        1.51   611 PM  6/13  GA-BU-13: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...CANDLER COUNTY...   7 N METTER            1.44   612 PM  6/13  GA-CD-2: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...CHATHAM COUNTY...   5 S POOLER            8.85   501 PM  6/13  GA-CT-77: 3-DAY TOTAL.     KSAV SAVANNAH AIRPORT 6.89   628 PM  6/13  KSAV: 3-DAY TOTAL.         2 NW BURROUGHS        6.35   639 PM  6/13  GAEMN MESONET                    2 NE GARDEN CITY      5.85   505 PM  6/13  GA-CT-28: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 SW GARDEN CITY      5.41   506 PM  6/13  GA-CT-83: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 NW POOLER           4.55   508 PM  6/13  GA-CT-1: 3-DAY TOTAL.      7 SSW SKIDAWAY ISLAN  3.91   634 PM  6/13  GAEMN MESONET                    6 SSE MELDRIM         3.87   512 PM  6/13  GA-CT-67: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 N ISLE OF HOPE      3.46   513 PM  6/13  GA-CT-57: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 W SANDFLY           3.20   514 PM  6/13  GA-CT-74: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 W SKIDAWAY ISLAND   2.79   516 PM  6/13  GA-CT-75: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 SW VERNONBURG       2.72   521 PM  6/13  GA-CT-36: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 WSW WINDSOR FOREST  2.46   522 PM  6/13  GA-CT-3: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 WNW WHITE BLUFF     2.42   522 PM  6/13  GA-CT-60: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNW WHITE BLUFF     2.37   523 PM  6/13  GA-CT-55: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 NE SKIDAWAY ISLAND  2.29   636 PM  6/13  GAEMN MESONET                    1 E WILMINGTON ISLAN  2.24   526 PM  6/13  GA-CT-80: 3-DAY TOTAL.     SAVANNAH              2.24   525 PM  6/13  GA-CT-79: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 N TYBEE ISLAND      2.12   528 PM  6/13  GA-CT-37: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 ENE WILMINGTON ISL  2.03   607 PM  6/13  GA-CT-64: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...EFFINGHAM COUNTY...   1 SW STILLWELL        6.35   503 PM  6/13  GA-EF-17: 3-DAY TOTAL.     MARLOW                5.87   504 PM  6/13  GA-EF-13: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 WSW EBENEZER        4.78   507 PM  6/13  GA-EF-18: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...EVANS COUNTY...   3 N BELLVILLE         1.59   609 PM  6/13  GA-EV-1: 3-DAY TOTAL    ...LIBERTY COUNTY...   4 ENE MIDWAY          2.79   517 PM  6/13  GA-LB-6: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 N HINESVILLE        1.89   608 PM  6/13  GA-LB-11: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 E HALFMOON LANDING  1.56   610 PM  6/13  GA-LB-10: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 ENE MIDWAY          1.35   614 PM  6/13  GA-LB-4: 3-DAY TOTAL    ...MCINTOSH COUNTY...   2 NNE PINE HARBOR     1.43   613 PM  6/13  GA-MI-5: 3-DAY TOTAL.      3 NNE SHELLMAN BLUFF  1.24   615 PM  6/13  GA-MI-1: 3-DAY TOTAL.      SAPELO ISLAND         1.10   617 PM  6/13  GA-MI-6: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 S CARNIGAN          1.06   622 PM  6/13  GA-MI-3: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...SCREVEN COUNTY...   1 S NEWINGTON         2.85   515 PM  6/13  GA-SV-5: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 W SYLVANIA          1.47   624 PM  6/13  GA-SV-3: 3-DAY TOTAL.   SOUTH CAROLINA...ALLENDALE COUNTY...   2 SE ALLENDALE        0.44   457 PM  6/13  SC-AL-2: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...BEAUFORT COUNTY...   3 ENE BLUFFTON       11.07   306 PM  6/13  SC-BF-22: 3-DAY TOTAL.    1 N BLUFFTON          9.53   704 PM  6/13  SC-BF-74: 2-DAY TOTAL.     2 W PRITCHARDVILLE    9.20   705 PM  6/13  SC-BF-85: 2-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNE HILTON HEAD IS  8.80   309 PM  6/13  SC-BF-2: 3-DAY TOTAL.      2 NNW PRITCHARDVILLE  8.20   310 PM  6/13  SC-BF-86: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 NNE BLUFFTON        8.09   311 PM  6/13  SC-BF-4: 3-DAY TOTAL.      2 SSW PRITCHARDVILLE  7.25   313 PM  6/13  SC-BF-50: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 N PRITCHARDVILLE    7.09   315 PM  6/13  SC-BF-10: 3-DAY TOTAL      6 E JASPER            6.58   316 PM  6/13  SC-BF-32: 3-DAY TOTAL.     6 ENE JASPER          6.20   321 PM  6/13  SC-BF-36: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 WNW PARRIS ISLAND   5.88   323 PM  6/13  SC-BF-53: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNW FOLLY FIELD     5.26   332 PM  6/13  SC-BF-66: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 ENE HILTON HEAD IS  5.01   336 PM  6/13  SC-BF-59: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 NNW PORT ROYAL      4.49   347 PM  6/13  SC-BF-80: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 ESE BEAUFORT        4.43   352 PM  6/13  SC-BF-68: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNE BEAUFORT        4.40   355 PM  6/13  SC-BF-35: 3-DAY TOTAL.     5 NE BEAUFORT         3.42   410 PM  6/13  SC-BF-37: 3-DAY TOTAL.     7 NNW TYBEE ISLAND    3.39   410 PM  6/13  SC-BF-23: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...BERKELEY COUNTY...   7 NNE GOOSE CREEK     5.11   332 PM  6/13  SC-BK-55: 3-DAY TOTAL.     SANGAREE              4.18   357 PM  6/13  SC-BK-68: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SE COLLEGE PARK     2.93   421 PM  6/13  SC-BK-17: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNW GOOSE CREEK     2.90   422 PM  6/13  SC-BK-65: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 ESE COLLEGE PARK    2.71   425 PM  6/13  SC-BK-71: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 NE GOOSE CREEK      2.65   427 PM  6/13  SC-BK-57: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 S DANIEL ISLAND     2.37   434 PM  6/13  SC-BK-48: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SSW DANIEL ISLAND   2.28   437 PM  6/13  SC-BK-61: 3-DAY TOTAL.     SAINT STEPHEN         1.61   446 PM  6/13  SC-BK-59: 3-DAY TOTAL.     6 WNW SAINT STEPHEN   1.17   450 PM  6/13  SC-BK-29: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...CHARLESTON COUNTY...   3 SW EDISTO ISLAND    7.11   314 PM  6/13  SC-CR-153: 3-DAY TOTAL     3 S SHADOWMOSS        6.29   318 PM  6/13  SC-CR-97: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SW SHADOWMOSS       5.92   322 PM  6/13  SC-CR-151: 3-DAY TOTAL.    5 E BENNETTS POINT    5.74   325 PM  6/13  SC-CR-155: 3-DAY TOTAL     5 SSE CAINHOY         5.46   325 PM  6/13  SC-CR-26: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 ESE EDISTO ISLAND   5.35   326 PM  6/13  SC-CR-115: 3-DAY TOTAL.    2 NNW NORTH CHARLEST  5.34   328 PM  6/13  SC-CR-57: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 N ROCKVILLE         5.29   329 PM  6/13  SC-CR-98: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 SSW SHADOWMOSS      5.00   337 PM  6/13  SC-CR-6: 3-DAY TOTAL.      3 SE CAINHOY          4.72   338 PM  6/13  SC-CR-112: 3-DAY TOTAL.    MCCLELLANVILLE        4.70   341 PM  6/13  SC-CR-33: 3-DAY TOTAL      3 SE HANAHAN          4.66   341 PM  6/13  SC-CR-78: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 SW SHADOWMOSS       4.60   343 PM  6/13  SC-CR-173: 3-DAY TOTAL.    1 SSE CAINHOY         4.57   345 PM  6/13  SC-CR-106: 3-DAY TOTAL.    4 SSE CAINHOY         4.46   349 PM  6/13  SC-CR-158: 3-DAY TOTAL.    2 N NORTH CHARLESTON  4.42   353 PM  6/13  SC-CR-171: 3-DAY TOTAL.    5 ESE CAINHOY         4.41   354 PM  6/13  SC-CR-146: 3-DAY TOTAL.    KCXM: DTWN CHARLESTON 4.22   627 PM  6/13  KCXM: 3-DAY TOTAL.         2 N MOUNT PLEASANT    4.09   359 PM  6/13  SC-CR-148: 3-DAY TOTAL.    4 E JOHNS ISLAND      4.08   401 PM  6/13  SC-CR-74: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 SSW JAMES ISLAND    3.99   402 PM  6/13  SC-CR-60: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 NNW MOUNT PLEASANT  3.82   405 PM  6/13  SC-CR-10: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 SE DANIEL ISLAND    3.77   407 PM  6/13  SC-CR-144: 3-DAY TOTAL.    1 ESE CHARLESTON AIR  3.53   407 PM  6/13  SC-CR-49: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 S CAINHOY           3.50   409 PM  6/13  SC-CR-113: 3-DAY TOTAL.    1 ESE KIAWAH ISLAND   3.36   411 PM  6/13  SC-CR-154: 3-DAY TOTAL.    2 NW LADSON           3.31   413 PM  6/13  SC-CR-149: 3-DAY TOTAL.    1 SW JAMES ISLAND     3.15   416 PM  6/13  SC-CR-141: 3-DAY TOTAL.    3 WSW JAMES ISLAND    2.77   423 PM  6/13  SC-CR-175: 3-DAY TOTAL.    3 SSE WEST ASHLEY     2.72   424 PM  6/13  SC-CR-88: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 NE MOUNT PLEASANT   2.57   429 PM  6/13  SC-CR-4: 3-DAY TOTAL.      2 SW GOOSE CREEK      2.57   430 PM  6/13  SC-CR-30: 3-DAY TOTAL.     KCHS: CHARLESTON APRT 2.57   627 PM  6/13  KCHS: 3-DAY TOTAL.         2 SSW NORTH CHARLEST  2.48   432 PM  6/13  SC-CR-87: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 ENE MOUNT PLEASANT  2.47   433 PM  6/13  SC-CR-77: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 NE JAMES ISLAND     2.33   435 PM  6/13  SC-CR-96: 3-DAY TOTAL.     5 ENE SULLIVANS ISLA  1.44   448 PM  6/13  SC-CR-166: 3-DAY TOTAL. ...COLLETON COUNTY...   1 SSE GREEN POND      6.25   320 PM  6/13  SC-CL-4: 3-DAY TOTAL.      3 SSW ROUND O         4.53   346 PM  6/13  SC-CL-16: 3-DAY TOTAL.     3 NNW COTTAGEVILLE    3.06   417 PM  6/13  SC-CL-17: 3-DAY TOTAL.     CANADYS               2.65   428 PM  6/13  SC-CL-6: 3-DAY TOTAL.      3 NNW WALTERBORO      2.27   439 PM  6/13  SC-CL-3: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 NW ASHTON           2.26   439 PM  6/13  SC-CL-9: 3-DAY TOTAL.      2 W ISLANDTON         2.09   443 PM  6/13  SC-CL-20: 3-DAY TOTAL.     SMOAKS                1.46   447 PM  6/13  SC-CL-5: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...DORCHESTER COUNTY...   4 WNW CHARLESTON AIR  3.22   415 PM  6/13  SC-DC-57: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SSW SUMMERVILLE     2.96   420 PM  6/13  SC-DC-36: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SE KNIGHTSVILLE     2.96   420 PM  6/13  SC-DC-62: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 S RIDGEVILLE        1.99   445 PM  6/13  SC-DC-66: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 SSE REEVESVILLE     0.87   454 PM  6/13  SC-DC-18: 3-DAY TOTAL.  ...HAMPTON COUNTY...   2 W HAMPTON           2.51   430 PM  6/13  SC-HM-21: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SSE HAMPTON         2.45   434 PM  6/13  SC-HM-7: 3-DAY TOTAL.      3 WNW CROCKETVILLE    2.33   436 PM  6/13  SC-HM-16: 3-DAY TOTAL.     1 SE HAMPTON          2.20   441 PM  6/13  SC-HM-15: 3-DAY TOTAL.     2 SSW BRUNSON         1.45   449 PM  6/13  SC-HM-2: 3-DAY TOTAL.   ...JASPER COUNTY...   2 S JASPER            5.80   324 PM  6/13  SC-JS-9: 3-DAY TOTAL.      1 SSE OLD HOUSE       5.07   334 PM  6/13  SC-JS-3: 3-DAY REPORT.

Winter Storm - January 3, 2018

OverviewA rare winter storm affected southeast South Carolina and southeast Georgia on January 3, 2018. The storm produced a variety of wintry precipitation, including snow, sleet and freezing rain. Charleston Airport (KCHS) measured 5.3 inches of snow, the 3rd greatest daily snowfall on record, just 0.1 inches shy of the 5.4 inches that fell during the ...


A rare winter storm affected southeast South Carolina and southeast Georgia on January 3, 2018. The storm produced a variety of wintry precipitation, including snow, sleet and freezing rain. Charleston Airport (KCHS) measured 5.3 inches of snow, the 3rd greatest daily snowfall on record, just 0.1 inches shy of the 5.4 inches that fell during the 1973 storm. This made it the snowiest January on record at Charleston Airport and 2nd snowiest at Savannah Airport (KSAV). Due to the continued cold air in place even after the storm, the snow/ice remained on the ground in spots for many days causing significant disruptions to travel and commerce. Charleston Airport recorded snow on the ground for 5 consecutive days which is the most on record. Check out a visible satellite image on January 4 showing the snow left behind from the storm.

Technical Discussion

Arctic high pressure was in place at the surface ahead of an upper-level disturbance moving east across the Southeast U.S.. This caused surface low pressure to develop near the Bahamas, then move northward near the Gulf Stream and spread moisture across southeast Georgia and southeast South Carolina. Precipitation began in the predawn hours along the Georgia coast, then spread north and west during the day before tapering off across Georgia in the afternoon and in the evening across South Carolina. Surface wet-bulb temperatures were at or below freezing at the onset. However, due to a shallow, above-freezing layer just above the surface, as noted on the 18 UTC (1 PM EST) upper-air sounding at Charleston, precipitation began as primarily freezing rain with some sleet mixed in. Then, colder air moved into the area from the northwest during the afternoon as the surface low pressure system moved by offshore causing the precipitation to transition to snow. Aside from a brief burst of sleet that spread up the coast during the afternoon, snow was the predominant precipitation type until the end of the event. As is often the case during winter storms determining when this changeover would occur was one of the forecast challenges we faced.

Another challenging aspect to the forecast was determining the snow-to-liquid ratios (SLR) during the event, which typically are ~7:1 on average in this area, meaning that for every inch of liquid precipitation that falls there will be ~7 inches of snow. Of course, in reality this usually changes during an event as the amount of moisture and the vertical temperature profile of the atmosphere change.

For more information on the technical terms discussed, check out the NWS JetStream glossary.

Snow/Ice Amounts

Public Information StatementSpotter ReportsNational Weather Service Charleston SC219 PM EST Fri Jan 05 2018The following are unofficial observations taken by various qualitycontrolled observations systems from across Southeast South Carolinaand Southeast Georgia.********************STORM TOTAL SNOWFALL********************LOCATION          STORM TOTAL     TIME/DATE   COMMENTS                     SNOWFALL           OF                     /INCHES/   MEASUREMENTGEORGIA...Bryan County...   Ellabell               6.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Pembroke               5.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Richmond Hill          4.0   400 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 N Keller             2.5   400 PM  1/03  Other Federal   Lanier                 1.5  1224 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio...Bulloch County...   Nevils                 4.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Brooklet               3.5   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   5 SE Brooklet          3.5   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   6 SSE Stilson          3.5   311 PM  1/03  Social Media   Statesboro             3.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media...Candler County...   Metter                 2.0   100 PM  1/03  911 Call Center...Chatham County...   Garden City            4.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Bloomingdale           3.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Pooler                 3.0   145 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   Port Wentworth         3.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 SW Windsor Forest    2.5   500 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   2 ENE Skidaway Islan   2.0   210 PM  1/03  CoCoRaHS   2 SW Meinhard          2.0  1226 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   1 WSW White Bluff      1.2   140 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter...Effingham County...   Springfield            4.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   4 NE Eden              4.0   400 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   Guyton                 3.8   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Rincon                 3.8   300 PM  1/03  Social Media   Meldrim                3.5   352 PM  1/03  Social Media   Marlow                 2.9   500 PM  1/03  CoCoRaHS...Evans County...   1 WNW Hagan            3.5   300 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager...Jenkins County...   6 SW Scarboro          0.2   300 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager...Liberty County...   Allenhurst             5.1   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Sunbury                2.0   158 PM  1/03  Social Media   4 ESE Midway           1.5   325 PM  1/03  Public   Hinesville             0.9   230 PM  1/03  Public   2 ENE Retreat            T   455 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement...Long County...   Ludowici               3.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   4 W Ludowici           2.0   400 PM  1/03  Social Media...McIntosh County...   Townsend               2.0   130 PM  1/03  Social Media   Darien                 1.0   115 PM  1/03  Snow total.   Crescent               0.3   300 PM  1/03  Social Media...Screven County...   Oliver                 3.0   230 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 SSW Newington        3.0   230 PM  1/03  Social Media   Dover                  1.0   200 PM  1/03  Social Media   5 N Sylvania           0.5   230 PM  1/03  Social Media...Tattnall County...   Reidsville             2.9   400 PM  1/03  Social Media   Glennville             2.6   400 PM  1/03  Social MediaSOUTH CAROLINA...Allendale County...   Fairfax                2.0   330 PM  1/03  Utility Company...Beaufort County...   Hilton Head Island     4.5   400 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   Bluffton               4.0   230 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   4 NE Beaufort          3.5   525 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   5 NE Beaufort          3.5   530 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   3 NNE Beaufort         2.2   530 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 NNE Hilton Head Is   1.0   135 PM  1/03  Public   6 NNW Tybee Island     1.0   705 AM  1/03  CoCoRaHS...Berkeley County...   1 NE College Park      6.8   600 PM  1/03  Public   1 W Sangaree           6.8   630 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   7 SSE Moncks Corner    6.5   432 PM  1/03  Social Media   5 NE College Park      6.3   630 PM  1/03  Social Media   7 NNE College Park     6.0   722 PM  1/03  Public   2 ENE College Park     6.0   523 PM  1/03  Social Media   5 N Sangaree           6.0   650 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   1 SSW Crowfield Plan   5.5   600 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   2 W Daniel Island      5.0   630 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   1 SW Sangaree          5.0   427 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 NW College Park      5.0   400 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   6 NNE Sangaree         5.0   630 AM  1/03  Trained Spotter   1 NNE Pinopolis        4.8   436 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 ENE Old Santee Can   4.5   600 PM  1/03  CoCoRaHS   1 E Wando              4.3   540 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   2 N Summerville        4.0   338 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 NW Sangaree          4.0   317 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 W College Park       3.9   315 PM  1/03  Social Media   Jamestown              3.0   300 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio...Charleston County...   1 SSE Ladson           6.5   600 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   5 ESE Cainhoy          5.8   600 PM  1/03  CAROLINA PARK   1 SW Goose Creek       5.3   444 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 ESE Charleston Air   5.3   745 PM  1/03  NWS Office   1 WNW Hanahan          5.2   600 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   2 W North Charleston   5.0   430 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   3 NE Mount Pleasant    5.0   700 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   1 WSW Ladson           5.0   815 AM  1/05  Broadcast Media   Ladson                 4.8   412 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 NNW Mount Pleasant   4.8   600 PM  1/03  CoCoRaHS   1 SW West Ashley       4.8   545 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   4 ENE Mount Pleasant   4.5   530 PM  1/03  Public   2 SSW James Island     4.5   437 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 WNW Charleston Air   4.5   404 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 NNE Boone Hall Pla   4.4   630 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   1 E Mount Pleasant     4.3  1130 PM  1/03  Public   1 SW Shadowmoss        4.1   630 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   2 ENE Johns Island     4.1   600 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   1 WSW Charleston       4.0   630 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   2 WNW Mount Pleasant   4.0   650 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   2 WNW West Ashley      4.0   540 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   4 WNW Johns Island     3.9   610 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 S Cainhoy            3.5   348 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 SSW Shadowmoss       3.0   310 PM  1/03  Social Media   Ravenel                3.0   155 PM  1/03  Public   5 WSW Shadowmoss       3.0   238 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 WSW James Island     3.0   430 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   2 SSW Goose Creek      3.0   308 PM  1/03  Public   2 NNW North Charlest   3.0   415 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   3 WSW James Island     2.6   250 PM  1/03  Social Media   Awendaw                2.5   330 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   5 NNW Johns Island     2.5   234 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   3 S Goose Creek        2.5   232 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   3 SSE Shadowmoss       2.3   255 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   4 SSW Awendaw          2.0   200 PM  1/03  Fire Dept/Rescue   2 NNW West Ashley      2.0   320 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   4 SW Johns Island      2.0   300 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio...Colleton County...   3 S Cottageville       5.3   630 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   Bennetts Point         5.0   500 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   4 ESE Cottageville     4.5   500 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   Round O                4.0   400 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   5 ESE Islandton        3.5   315 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   1 E Lodge              2.0   313 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   Canadys                1.8   430 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio...Dorchester County...   3 SW Summerville       7.3   556 PM  1/03  Broadcast Media   1 S Summerville        6.8   415 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   2 ESE Jedburg          5.5   620 PM  1/03  County Official   5 SSE Knightsville     5.5   343 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 S Summerville        5.5   635 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   Ridgeville             5.4   540 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   2 SSE Summerville      5.2   519 PM  1/03  Social Media   2 S Ladson             5.0   600 PM  1/03  NWS Employee   3 S Knightsville       5.0   403 PM  1/03  Social Media   4 S Ladson             5.0   442 PM  1/03  Social Media   1 NNW Knightsville     4.0   224 PM  1/03  Social Media   Dorchester             3.3   430 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   3 WSW Ladson           3.1   350 PM  1/03  Public   3 N Givhans            2.8   237 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 SSW Ladson           2.3   235 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 W Charleston Airpo   2.2   300 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   2 ESE Knightsville     1.8   200 PM  1/03  Public...Hampton County...   Yemassee               4.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Estill                 2.0   300 PM  1/03  Snow total.   Hampton                2.0   335 PM  1/03  Snow total amount....Jasper County...   2 E Ridgeland          6.0   500 PM  1/03  Social Media   Ridgeland              4.0   342 PM  1/03  Public   3 SSW Jasper           4.0   500 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   Grays                  3.5   350 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   1 NNW Ridgeland        3.5   430 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   2 NE Hardeeville       3.0   405 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   Hardeeville            3.0   222 PM  1/03  Amateur Radio   2 W Gillisonville      3.0   345 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager   Robertville            2.0   330 PM  1/03  Emergency Manager***********************STORM TOTAL ICE***********************LOCATION          STORM TOTAL     TIME/DATE   COMMENTS                          ICE           OF                     /INCHES/   MEASUREMENTGEORGIA...Chatham County...   2 SW Windsor Forest   0.10  1100 AM  1/03  Trained Spotter   Isle Of Hope          0.08  1058 AM  1/03  Social Media   Tybee Island             T   830 AM  1/03  Emergency Manager   Thunderbolt              T   745 AM  1/03  Emergency Manager...Liberty County...   4 ESE Midway          0.25   325 PM  1/03  Public...McIntosh County...   Crescent              0.25  1200 PM  1/03  Social Media   3 W Carnigan             T   430 AM  1/03  Law EnforcementSOUTH CAROLINA...Beaufort County...   2 WSW Beaufort           T   813 AM  1/03  Social Media...Berkeley County...   2 ENE College Park    0.13  1030 AM  1/03  Trained Spotter...Charleston County...   2 NNW Charleston      0.20  1101 AM  1/03  Social Media   1 SW James Island     0.20  1151 AM  1/03  Social Media   4 ENE Mount Pleasant  0.19   132 PM  1/03  Public   1 E Mount Pleasant    0.18   631 PM  1/03  Trained Spotter   1 ESE Charleston Air  0.13  1155 AM  1/03  NWS Office   2 W Charleston        0.01   935 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   1 NNE Mount Pleasant  0.01   918 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   2 NNE Mount Pleasant  0.01   855 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   3 S West Ashley       0.01   944 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   1 WSW West Ashley     0.01   840 AM  1/03  NWS Employee   3 NE Seabrook Island     T  1058 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   Seabrook Island          T   757 AM  1/03  Social Media   4 SSE Cainhoy            T   836 AM  1/03  Social Media   1 SSE Daniel Island      T   850 AM  1/03  Broadcast Media   1 ENE James Island       T   740 AM  1/03  Broadcast Media   3 NNW West Ashley        T  1033 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement   9 NE Sullivans Islan     T   850 AM  1/03  Social Media   2 SE Charleston Airp     T  1015 AM  1/03  Local Official...Dorchester County...   3 SSW Summerville        T  1045 AM  1/03  Law Enforcement&&


Courtesy of NWS Charleston, SC; click on images to enlarge

Additional Information

2 new restaurants open in Charleston area, another adding second location

A North Charleston restaurant and bar is adding a second location while two other dining spots are now open in the Charleston suburbs.Neighborhood Tap House plans to open by early fall in Festival Centre Shopping Center at Dorchester and Ashley Phosphate roads next to Ocean City Chinese Restaurant.The restaurant and bar opened its original location at 2110 Greenridge Road off Rivers Avenue in North Charleston in 2015, according to business partner Fred Cavedo....

A North Charleston restaurant and bar is adding a second location while two other dining spots are now open in the Charleston suburbs.

Neighborhood Tap House plans to open by early fall in Festival Centre Shopping Center at Dorchester and Ashley Phosphate roads next to Ocean City Chinese Restaurant.

The restaurant and bar opened its original location at 2110 Greenridge Road off Rivers Avenue in North Charleston in 2015, according to business partner Fred Cavedo.

He hopes to have the venue open by the end of August, but he said construction is still underway so the launch is open-ended at this time.

In Ladson, a new breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant is now serving.

Eggs Up Grill opened Monday at 3679 Ladson Road in front of Walmart Neighborhood Market. Its hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. Another Eggs Up Grill is coming to the new Harris Teeter-anchored shopping center under development in West Ashley Circle.

Marc Cotone, owner of the new Ladson location, cited “the high volume of traffic, yet general lack of dining options in the Ladson Road/Palmetto Commerce Parkway area” when discussing the location choice.

“Eggs Up Grill continues to be a perfect fit for growing areas like Ladson, and we saw a great need here for the quality product and customer service that this brand is known for,” Cotone said. “We look forward to partnering with this community and becoming a hub of local activity, all while serving our neighbors for breakfast, brunch and lunch.”

The restaurant has three other locations in the Charleston area. They are in Cane Bay in Berkeley County, northern Mount Pleasant and the Knightsville area of Summerville.

Also now open is Agaves Mexican Cantina in the Lowes Foods-anchored Market at Mill Creek Shopping Center on S.C. Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant.

Package deal

The UPS Store will open a new location on the Charleston peninsula by November.

The packaging and printing company will move into a space at 472 Meeting St., Suite C, at Columbus Street.

“As development on the Peninsula continues to grow, we found that many areas were underserved,” said UPS Store franchisee Michael Cunningham. “By opening on the corner of Meeting and Columbus streets, our goal is to help people by providing them with the best possible print and business services without having to cross the peninsula to get them.”

Bow wow

A former retail shop in the Charleston region is being transformed into what is being called South Carolina’s first luxury dog hotel.

K9 Resorts Daycare and Luxury Hotels is upfitting an 8,900-square-foot former Rite Aid pharmacy store at 918 Houston Northcutt Blvd. in the Harris Teeter-anchored Village Pointe Shopping Center.

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The pet boarding facility will feature chandeliers, hospital-grade heating and air conditioning, ornate architecture, executive suites, and modern antimicrobial design elements inside and out for man’s best friend.

Kim Tryon, a veterinary tech dedicated to animal care for more than 15 years, will own and operate the facility. The Fanwood, N.J.-based business plans to open in September.

Rounding up

Through Aug. 27, Bi-Lo customers can round up their purchase to the nearest dollar or make a donation of their choice at the register to support the American Heart Association’s fundraising campaign “Life Is Why We Give.”

Tuning in

A new music venue is now open in downtown Charleston.

Forte Jazz Lounge can be found at 475 King St. in the former Pure Theater site, according to a statement from the performance venue.

Cameras for cash

Old camera equipment and film can be exchanged for cash at a West Ashley shop Friday and Saturday.

AccuPhotoLab & Studio will host Used Photo Pro’s buyer of cameras, film, tripods, light systems and other gear 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday at 1757-A Savannah Highway.

Also, Peachtree Camera will be on hand to clean and align camera lenses for a fee.

Rolling in

A Charleston man who developed a new wagon to haul supplies to the beach will showcase his wares at the new Yeti store in downtown Charleston during Second Sunday on King Street this weekend.

After five years and several prototypes, John McCollum created the Chuck Wagon to transport everything beachcombers need.

Yeti is located at 360 King St. Second Sunday runs 1-5 p.m., when King is closed to vehicular traffic from Calhoun to Queen street.


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