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Bah-lee-ahgej - Effortless, natural-looking color, custom to your hair, with less upkeep than traditional highlights.

Feel confident in the Ombre and Balayage

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Balayage is a french word, meaning to sweep. This means each stylist will “hand paint” the hair in such a way to accentuate your haircut and the way the light hits your hair! In the same way no two hairs are the same, no two Balayages will be the same. There are many ways to do Balayage, so your stylist may use clear wrap, foil, or paper, but the results are all beautiful. While Balayage usually has a higher price point, there is usually less upkeep involved, with most clients able to go 12-16 weeks between appointments!

We love photos
We love when you bring us inspiration photos! Everyone interprets “golden blonde” differently, so when you bring in a photo of your idea of a perfect golden blonde, it helps us match what you interpret to your customized formula!

We aim for transparency and clarity with all of our services. A full consultation to determine price is done at the top of all new color appointments. Price is determined based on hair type, thickness, and texture! Please let us know of any price concerns during the consultation.

I have been going to Fernanda for over 4 years now and I’m never disappointed! She’s knows all the latest products and what is great for your specific hair type! I love the effort she puts in to make sure my hair is overall healthy! Thank you Fernanda!
Lydia T
Fernanda is the best! She styles my hair, not just cuts it, and she makes me feel very at home and comfortable. She listens to what I want and then interprets that into what my hair will do, which are not always the same! I highly recommend Chroma, particularly as she has moved into a new shop with more services to offer.
Lyn N.
When I first met Fernanda my hair was beyond destroyed. I have dark brown hair and I tried to go silver. Worst mistake of my life. She salvaged my hair, turned the ugly, gun metal, dried up, brittle strands that were coming out of my head to a beautiful rose gold that everybody complimented. I don’t go anywhere else!!
Michelle H.

Chroma Hair Studio and Salon.